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Make your own tights?

The lady who ran Renaissance Dancewear decided to get out of the business about this time last year. She tried to sell the business, without success. There are lots of reasons I didn't look into buying it myself, not the least of which is that, being partially colorblind, I can't begin to do the marvelous work she did in matching colors.

She's now scheduling a series of seminars to teach experienced costumers how to do things her way. She's going to include a complete set of patterns, as well as lots of know-how and hands-on teaching. It looks like two full days, with an optional third half-day for some extras.

She says it's for experienced costumers, especially folks with experience in sewing and pattern drafting. I'm sorely tempted to go anyway, even with my current limited level of knowledge - or, quite possibly, seeing what's necessary to gain the requisite level of experience. Her tights are that good, and I've never been able to get as good anywhere else. I'd love to be able to make my own, so I don't have to keep chasing down suppliers.

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