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Monday, 7 November 2005

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0943 - Some folks still do make house calls

The Power Mac G5 has started making a grumbling noise all the time. I've isolated it to one of the machine's 4 fans (the one at the top of the machine, between the DVD-R drive and the hard disk). I called Apple last week to see what could be done about it, and they told me they needed me to bring it to the closest Apple store. Only one gotcha: that's at the Mall of America (or a couple of other malls about as far away). I called them back this morning to see what other alternatives I've got, and discovered the AppleCare package includes onsite service. They've sent a request off to the local service provider, who should call me back later today to make an appointment.

The electric start on the snowblower we bought last year has never worked. I called Sears up, and, lo and behold, the extended repair agreement we bought with it also includes in-home service. They apparently only come to Fairmont on Tuesdays and Thursdays; I'll be in the Cities this coming Thursday, and out of the country next week, so we scheduled the appointment for Tuesday the 22nd.

It's nice to actually get repair services I paid for. Some other manufacturers could learn from that.

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My family has had excellent service from Sears for my entire lifetime. It would just be weird having an appliance from Sears that they won't come fix.

Or at least come personally to take it away to be fixed.

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