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Making your own tights, part 2

I spoke to Stacey Leigh a little bit ago. We discussed my experience level, and knowledge, and it looks like I'm not as hopeless as I thought...basically, I need to get a good serger (she said a White or Pfaff, about $500 worth ("you can set fire to $300 and say you've got a serger"); she uses a $1200 Bernette, but then she uses it all day every day, too) and get some experience using it.

So, that one goes on the list of things to buy. No, not the Bernette...but I don't mind paying good money for good, durable tools, and that's what a $500 serger is. Maybe, when it comes time to buy, I'll drive down to Des Moines and drag irpooh along. (Or go up to the Cities and get rillaspins, or Sioux Falls and melissasutton...decisions, decisions.) In any event, that doesn't have to happen right now.

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