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Friday, 11 November 2005

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0842 - Fixed, sort of

While I was in the Cities yesterday at a seminar, vakkotaur enjoyed an afternoon off, in part, by watching the technician from Qualxserv try to fix the noisy fan in my G5.

Turns out the problem wasn't the fan at all, but something in the fan mounting. It's temporarily fixed by removing the fan from its mounting bracket and just sitting it in the case. They're ordered a whole new case, and will come out to install it (more correctly, to move everything from the old case to the new one) after I get back from Madrid.

Now, that's weird. Still, it's quiet once again, and nothing's complaining (and, in fact, the drive temperature has dropped from 115 to 85 degrees F), I can live with it until they come out and fix it right.

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Man, that's some service contract you've got.

Couldn't they have just put some rubber gaskets or screwsin there to solve it?

PS - if you're bored can you glance at this and then comment here? Howard did, and told me to hit you up for an opinion as well. I know too many liberals, you see, and I'm starting to believe their hype. With a little luck, you and Howard will get drawn into a shouting match, and I'll a) learn something and b), more importantly, entertained. Not that I'm holding my breath - the two of you are infuriatingly relaxed, whenever I've seen y'all discuss.
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It's mounted with rubber thingies. I think the problem is that something on the mounting is broken, or some such. I'll see when I get back from Madrid.

In any event, it's just the standard AppleCare package for the box...

Howard and I get along quite well, even if there are some things he just doesn't see reality about. :-)

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