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Sunday, 27 November 2005

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2102 - Address Book and Treo problems

Earlier today, I discovered that Address Book had magically lost all of its data. After working with AppleCare and discovering that it was well and truly gone, I thought, "No problem - just resync with the Treo, and it'll reload everything." Wrong. That deleted everything off the Treo, too. I managed to recover almost everything from a full backup, but it was still annoying.

In the process of doing that, I saw that Palm had introduced an update to the Treo's firmware that corrected an annoyance. I got that installed with no problems. One of the documented restrictions was that I'd have to re-pair the Treo with my Bluetooth devices. No problem, right? Wrong. The laptop wouldn't complete the pairing process, and it looks like they changed something that keeps it from working. I'm going to have to call Palm tomorrow and see what they broke.

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It appears that JWZ had the same problem.

You might want to add his journal to your flist. Yeah, you wouldn't get along on political matters, but he's not political very often. However, he is a Mac/Unix guy like you are, plus he owns a Treo. At the least, you might find his "lazyweb" posts to be useful. Indeed, with your muscular sysadmin abilities, you might actually be able to make meaningful contributions to them.

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