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The TSA gets a little smarter

The TSA has changed its rules a bit on what you can put in your carryon baggage, according to this CNN article. They're allowing small scissors and tools not longer than 7 inches, while still prohibiting anything with a cutting edge and some other kinds of tools.

The idea is to spend less time looking for small things and more time looking for explosives. The new procedures include an increase in pat-down searches:

In addition, pat-down procedures at checkpoints will be refined. Currently, screeners pat down passengers' backs and abdomens. Under the new system, screeners also will pat down arms and legs below the mid-thigh, although they will be given discretion to forgo those searches in cases where bare skin or tight clothing make it obvious nothing is being concealed.

That last bit seals it: I've been going through checkpoints in just a unitard for a few months now, and will continue to do so. I won't be greatly surprised to see others begin doing something similar.

One of these days, the government will quit violating Americans' Constitutional rights, but I doubt it'll be any time soon...

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