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A productive weekend

I've spent the weekend pretty much snowed in the house - and it was a good thing, because I got a lot done. We're getting close to putting out the next major release of Hercules, with lots of improvements and bugfixes, including getting completely rid of the abortion known as Cygwin and being able to reliably and accurate emulate multiprocessor mainframes on multiprocessor host computers. (My dual Opteron 244 system has produced a measured peak of 130.16 MIPS in 31-bit mode, and 96.13 MIPS in 64-bit mode. That's faster than anything IBM built until 1990.)

That's not all. I also fixed several bugs in the programs I wrote for the folks in Spain, and got those fixes sent off. I still need to generate a test suite that they can run over there without knowing too much about mainframes, but that's not quite as critical as actually producing the bug fixes in the first place: their customer isn't screaming for the test suite, after all.

I'm not a fan of snow, but this time, it did some good.

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