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Monday, 5 December 2005

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1647 - DeLay's original indictment thrown out

The judge overseeing the case against Representative Tom DeLay today threw out the original indictment in the case. This is the one that alleged a crime that wasn't even a crime when it was supposedly committed. The judge rightly threw the charge out of court.

DeLay's not completely in the clear yet, though. There are still some charges remaining. I doubt those will stand up very long at trial, however; it took the DA three grand juries to obtain those indictments in the first place, and since a competent DA can get a chicken sandwich indicted, that just hows how weak the case really is.

I don't expect those who were crowing over the now-rejected indictment to admit that it just might have been a political trick designed to get DeLay out of the leadership position he held, though...

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Delay's office has issued a statement noting that there's a ruling pending on the second round of indictiments. Travis Co. DA's office has issued a terse statement regarding thinking about an appeal.
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One wonders what part of "ex post facto" the DA doesn't understand.

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