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Northwest mechanics union members reject contract offer

Today, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association announced that Northwest's mechanics - who are still on strike, although nobody notices any more - have rejected the company's latest contract offer by a vote of 1258 to 965.

Meanwhile, the airline flies on, just as though nothing had happened.

The first offer AMFA turned down preserved 2750 jobs and included 24 weeks' severance pay.
The second offer they turned down preserved 1080 jobs and included 12 weeks' severance pay.
The third offer they turned down preserved 500 jobs.
This was the fourth offer. It preserved 0 jobs and included 4 weeks' severance pay, and granted recall rights to any remaining union members - but they could not displace any of the current workers.

See a pattern here? What does AMFA possibly have to gain by continuing this strike? What does anyone have to gain by remaining a member of that union? (Aside from the 280 members who crossed picket lines to go back to work - that is, if they aren't effectively denied representation for daring to tell the union it was not representing their best interests.)

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