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A Lexus on $400 a month?

While railing against a pay raise voted in by the Minneapolis city council, and the possibility of a newly enacted $200 a month car allowance being doubled, columnist Doug Grow said, "Certainly, $400 a month would allow our leaders to do public service in Lexus-like style."

This provoked the following letter to the editor:

Doug Grow's column on the Minneapolis pay raise shows he hasn't been car shopping in a long, long time. His contention is that $400 a month would allow the council members to support themselves in Lexus-like style.

I drive a five year old Lexus RX300. I just sent in the final payment last month. It wasn't $400. It was over $800. I doubt I could buy that car now, at its blue book value, for $400 a month. That doesn't include such minor details as fuel and maintenance.

If Mr. Grow can find a Lexus for $400 a month, I suggest he buy it. I think he'd be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, I think he should see just how far $400 a month goes toward a car these days, first hand.

I emailed Grow a copy, as well. We'll see if he responds.

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