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Big computers, little computers

Yesterday, I got my third mainframe running in the machine room. It's another P/390, this time in an RS/6000 7013-591 (yes, kjaer, that's the one) server system. It's got a channel adapter board so I can use the 3174 CRT controller in channel-attached mode, instead of just over the network.

Today, I got in a computer kit I ordered a year ago. The P112 is a small, single-board computer based on a modern Z80 variant and designed to run the CP/M operating system of days gone by. It's small enough to mount to the bottom of a 3.5 inch floppy drive, and will talk to common, garden-variety PC 1.44 MB (and 5-1/4 inch, 1.2 MB) drives just fine. It went together quickly and as easily as could be expected. (It's a densely packed board. If you're contemplating building one, and haven't built a PC board before, this is not the kit for you.) Haven't tried it yet; that's this evening, hopefully.

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