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Eventful week

Finally got a chance to slow down a bit.

Last weekend, I went back to Austin for yet another meeting of the Texas VHF-FM Society. (The meeting was in San Antonio, but I stayed with a friend in Austin.) It turned out to be pretty much a non-event; while I can understand km5r not going because of being down with the flu, nobody else from the Gang of Three could be bothered to show up, either. They sent one of their cronies with a video camera to tape the meeting just in case we did something they could hold against us in the lawsuit. We declined to oblige them.

Still, it wasn't a waste of time at all, since I got to spend some time with some old friends. I also went and visited my little piece of Texas, tucked away not too far from Bryan. While I was there, I found out that someone had built a house just up the road from me. Neat. I didn't get to visit with them, though.

Among and around that, I spent some time getting the chupaqueso.com site in a bit better shape. The biggest contribution, aside from upgrading to WordPress 2.0, was my page on how to make a chupaqueso, complete with pictures. I think it's complete enough to show even a cooking novice how to do it.

I got the P112 built and set up, and then took it apart again and remounted it in a bigger case, with two floppy drives, a small IDE hard disk, and an IDE CD-ROM. I've got a GIDE interface board on the way. It'll allow the CP/M system to use the hard disk and CD. This is more capability than CP/M systems had in the days when they were popular, before the IBM PC swept them from the marketplace. I plan to eventually move all of my CP/M software to both the P112's hard disk and a CD-ROM, so it won't depend on the 8-inch floppies I've currently got. When the GIDE arrives tomorrow or Saturday, I'll put it all together.

I've spent a fair amount of time looking for solid work, as the company I'd been consulting for most of the time let me know they could no longer guarantee a minimum number of hours each month. No success so far, but that will come. I just hope that I won't have to get out of the computer field, although if I can't find a gig that will let me telecommute or travel, I'm going to have to; there just aren't many computer jobs in Fairmont, and what there is is nearly all Windows.

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