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Got the serger

I went ahead and pulled the trigger, and got the Brother 1034D from Wal-Mart online. (They don't have it in their stores any more.) The machine arrived Wednesday; I didn't really have time to play with it till yesterday, when I finally moved the spare monitor off of the dining room table and set it up.

The machine seems solid enough for my purposes. I can see why sergers are intimidating for people: they're real mechanical contraptions, with stuff going in six different directions at once. Still, I had little trouble getting it set up and threaded, and the printed instructions are clear enough that I was able to make properly tensioned 4-thread seams in no time. I tried making a rolled hem seam, but the fabric didn't roll; I suspect that really only works with light fabrics, depending as it does on the thread to roll the fabric over.

I've ordered a bunch of thread (wooly nylon for the loopers, at Stacey Leigh's recommendation, and cotton for the needles), and will be playing with sewing some spare scraps of nylon and cotton spandex when it arrives.

rillaspins, I'm gong to be working in the Cities tomorrow and Tuesday, and staying up there tomorrow evening. Are you busy? I'd like to get your opinions on some things.

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