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Buy American? Been there, done that...

Today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a letter of the day that calls on people to buy Ford Rangers to support American workers. I couldn't help responding:

Gary Erickson's letter of the day exhorts us to support American workers by buying a Ford Ranger. Unfortunately, the American public wants something different from its vehicles: reliable products from a company that stands behind them.

The last Ford product I owned was a 1992 Explorer with a manual transmission which disintegrated at 65,000 miles. I had it rebuilt at a Ford dealer. 4000 miles later, it disintegrated again. Ford refused to do a thing for me, including honoring the repair warranty. That fiasco ultimately cost me $3400.

I'm now on my second Toyota product. Between them, and over 200,000 miles, I've made exactly one unscheduled trip to the mechanic - and that only cost me $60.

I know which manufacturer's product I'll buy the next time I'm in the market for a car, and it won't be one from the Ford Motor Company.

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