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Minnesota's taxes are too low? Hardly!

Today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a story on how state tax burdens have grown from 1994 to 2004. The taxes in every state but Alaska went up over that period in absolute dollars; even adjusted for inflation, the tax burdens in 43 states went up over that period.

Buried in the story is a little tidbit: Minnesota's state tax burden is fourth highest in the country, at an average of $2890 a person in 2004.

I doubt this will faze the liberals in the Cities who constantly whine that the taxes in Minnesota are too low, never mind the Star-Tribune itself, which never met a tax it didn't like.

I sent them the following letter:

Now that Minnesota has been revealed as the fourth highest state in taxing its people, and nevertheless has budget problems, it should be obvious to the least alert student that the problem is not that we don't pay enough taxes.

When will the tax-and-spend Left learn that we can't tax our way into prosperity?

I doubt they'll publish it. It makes too much sense.

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