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New job

I'm spending the weekend in Atlanta, courtesy of my new consulting firm. This one looks like it's good for the long term. I like their approach, especially their commitment to not act to their employees like a small company with regard to benefits. They don't expect me to hunt around for the cheapest hotel room I can find, they don't want me to spend extra time traveling to save a few bucks on airfare, and they're covering the real expenses I have, including the cellphone.

They've gone through three different products with me for what I'd be working with, so I'm not worried they won't keep the work coming. Yeah, it'll involve lots of travel, but I expected that - there just aren't any good-paying IT jobs in Fairmont, so it's either travel or move, and I'm not interested in moving.

I'm pretty sure I won't have any time left over to do anything for the company I've been working with the past few years...but that work was slowly but surely drying up, anyway. My debts are mounting, and I can't afford to wait for them to magically generate enough business to even make up half of the income I'd be getting from the new outfit. I'll be sorry to put the rest of the folks there in the position my departure will, but I've got no other choice.

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