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Wednesday, 1 March 2006

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0726 - Drawing the line

There are three entries in my friends list that are RSS feeds from Google or Technorati blog searches for Tron Guy, either words or links to the site. Usually, they just point out entries folks make pointing to the page, and I like to drop in on them and make a relevant comment or two.

This morning, though, one of them turned up an entry in this MySpace user's blog. (Warning: The profile behind that link is full of sounds, movies, graphics, and lots of other junk. The blog entry in question is NSFW.)

I decided, early on, that folks satirizing me or just saying nasty things about me is something I'm going to have to live with, and trying to suppress it would be highly counterproductive. However, pretending to be me - even a little bit - is not acceptable. That's where I draw the line. This character is way over it. That he's posting content under my identity that is at best offensive is icing on the cake.

I've sent MySpace a complaint asking that they either make him change the page so it's obvious he's not claiming to be me, or else delete the account. Their complaint process includes a requirement for a picture holding up a handwritten sign; I'll be making that later today (and, for obvious reasons, won't be posting it).

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Identity Theft is a serious crime in some states.... ::grin::
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This is \\/\e & my Mac OS


I think that what Ive observed coming across this is worth typing to you about.
I hope you have the time
I think it is Way outta control that you be treated as such?

I actually am a bit scared

I searched up TRON cause of the latest DM Depeche Mode release is a
video I found here on http://www.transbuddha.com/mediaHolder.php?id=1384

which EYE LOVED and was excited to sea.
C, Im 33. I seen TRON as a young child.

I have never seen or heard of you b4 this

I suspect you will see yourself again come across another wave of attention

I am CANADIAN, by nature it is just where I live.

simply thought your mind frame intresting and was happy to see a live journal avail
to view...
thats where I see someone (few) have a different view.

not really intresting...
simply scary.

I understand that you may reason with this reality and I wanted you to know I am your friend.

you are pure from that thought
good on ya


I am intrested in what mypace will do to protect you (Ive never seen anything like that b4)

thnx for noting this for other users-much appreciated. I will disable myspace according to this situation... (#417h=myspace, orangelis=livejournal)

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