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Thursday, 9 March 2006

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0903 - Hey buddy! Welcome to Seattle!

My rental car in Seattle this week is a bright yellow Hummer H3.

I was driving out to see one of the Hercules developers yesterday morning. On the highway, a well-dressed woman (I won't call her "lady") in a shiny new Mercedes convertible pulled up beside me, got my attention, and gave me the finger rather emphatically. I looked at her, raised my palms to say "what did I do?", and she repeated the gesture, laughed heartily, and drove away.

Really made me feel welcome, she did.

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That wasn't very nice of either the lady in the mercedes or the rental car company.

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Don't mind her, she's from California.
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You're driving a Hummer around in Seattle; what did you expect? :}

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