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Sneering at courage

Eric Raymond, once again, does a masterful job of taking apart the leftist view, this time on the basis and need for physical courage, in his latest essay. I've never quite understood why the left wants us to knuckle under instead of defend ourselves; while the usual conspiracy-theory explanation does hold water, it's a bit unsatisfactory as the final word.

An editorial by New York commentator Deroy Murdock, printed in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune, describes how we should deal with the bodies of Islamist terrorists. He argues that we should bury them in a way designed, according to the tenets of Islam, to deny them entry into Paradise. Works for me.

Those who oppose hunting in any form would do well to read this editorial by Greg Breining, also from the Strib. He outlines the differences between game management as practiced in the US and the experience of China, which doesn't manage game at all, instead banning hunting after letting it run rampant for a few years.

Finally, I note that the Transportation Security Administration is relaxing rules that closed parking within 300 feet of airport terminals, and is working to reduce the number of searches at the gate. Yay. Perhaps we'll get real security instead of feel-goodism.

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