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Via melissasutton:

1) Where did you graduate from and what year?
Spring Woods Senior High School, Houston (Spring Branch ISD), 1977

2) Did you have school pride?
No. No. A thousand times no.

3) Was your prom a night to remember?
Yes. I went in a regular suit with a camera in my hand taking pictures for the yearbook. Date? Hahahaha.

4) Do you own all 4 yearbooks?
Not any more.

5) What was the worst trouble you ever got into?
I don't remember any more. I was in trouble as much as I was out of it.

6) What kind of people did you hang out with?
As much as I hung out with anyone, it was the chess/gaming geeks.

7) What was your number 1 choice of College in HS?
University of Houston

8) What radio station did you rock out to?
KLOL, album-oriented rock of the kind you can't find on broadcast radio any more.

9) Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?
A surprising number, mostly journalism and gaming. I was on the debate team in the 11th grade.

10) What were your favorite classes in high school?
Computer math and sciences.

11) Who was your big crush in High School?
Yeah, right. What was the point?

12) Would you say you've changed a lot since high school?
An amazing amount, mainly from being able to get the crap it put into my life back out of it.

13) What do you miss the most about it?
Miss? Are you nuts?

14) Your worst memory of HS?
Being the kid everyone, but everyone, picked on.

15) Did you have a car?
The second half of my senior year.

16) What were your school colors?
Black and gold.

17) Who were your favorite teachers?
The calculus teacher who was the math department head. Really cool guy. He was named Texas Teacher of the Year a few years after I left.

18) Did you own a cell phone in high school?
They didn't exist. I did own a ham radio, though.

19) Did you leave campus for lunch?
Not really. No transportation on my own, and no real reason to.

20) If so, where was your favorite place to go eat?

21) Were you always late to class?

22) Did you ever have to stay for Saturday School?
A couple of times.

23) Did you ever ditch?
Not once.

24) What kind of job did you have?
I wasn't old enough to work until after I graduated.

25) When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
No way in hell. I skipped the 20th and 25th reunions once I realized just what wreckage high school made of my life.

26) Do you wish you were still in high school?
Not only do I not wish I was there, I wish I'd never been there.

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