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Thursday, 6 April 2006

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1229 - A Message from Dan Simmons

Via foolscap001: Everyone should read this.

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That was brilliant work. Thanks for linking it!
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Im not sure how to link as nicely
Thank you for the story link

loved it and also linked it onto my journal.

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A friend pointed me to Simmons' unfortunate capture by the Eurabia meme. Not two years ago, I did a post ("France, its Muslims, and the Future") actually examining the demographics. I came to the conclusion that, although the French Muslim populations are demographically younger and somewhat more fertile than their non-Muslim counterparts, the gap wouldn't be nearly enough to allow for a takeover of France, never mind Europe. Assuming that French Muslims weren't assimilating at all, which they in fact are at an impressive rate. Their problem isn't Islamic fundamentalism; rather, it's the social exclusion shared not by poor Muslims with other poor immigrant communities (the Portuguese, say) and the "ethnically" French.

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