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Thursday, 6 April 2006

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1956 - I should have waited a day

Yesterday, I installed Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro, just as soon as it was announced. In a comment on the LJ entry talking about that, I bemoaned the lack of a virtual machine package for intel Macs.

I should have waited a day. Parallels released a beta version of Parallels Workstation for Mac OS X today for free download.

Naturally, I had to install it right away, too. It's defintely a beta version, and has some serious bugs, the biggest of which is an OS X kernel panic if you use Ethernet networking (Airport wireless networking is fine), but it does run Windows XP just fine.

It's nice and inexpensive, too: the registered version will be only $49 when it's released. If they get the bugs straightened out, I'll probably buy it.

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It sounds like VMware might have some sort of virtualization product running on OS X soon, too.

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Yeah, and they've got a good product...but I want it now, ferchrissakes. After all, Apple had Intel Macs and Intel OS X available to developers for nearly a year before the systems shipped...

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