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Birthday meme

Via jmthane:

Do a Wikipedia search for your birthday (month and day only). Post three events, two births (other than your own), and one death.

3 events:

1866 - The Atlantic Cable is successfully completed, allowing transatlantic telegraph communication for the first time.
1940 - Bugs Bunny makes his official debut in the animated cartoon A Wild Hare.
1953 - Korean War ends: The United States, People's Republic of China, and North Korea, sign an armistice agreement. Syngman Rhee, president of South Korea, refuses to sign but pledges to observe the armistice.

2 births:

1905 - Leo Durocher, baseball player (d. 1991)
1938 - Gary Gygax, American computer game creator

1 death:

2003 - Bob Hope, English-born entertainer (b. 1903)

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