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Getting busy

Looks like the job is finally going to pick up.

I was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last week. While I was there, I got asked to go on two trips with the company's expert with one product to get up to speed on it myself. The upshot of that is that my travel schedule now looks like:
Monday, 17 April: Drive to Minneapolis. Fly to Newark.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Two days working with customer in Manhattan. (Not all that far from michaelmink's home, as it turns out.) Fly back to Minneapolis Wednesday evening. Drive home.
Thursday: Drive to Detroit.
Friday through Sunday: Penguicon 4.0.
Monday: vakkotaur drives me to Detroit Wayne County Airport, then drives the Lexus home. I fly to somewhere in Arkansas.
Tuesday-Friday: At customer in Arkansas. Fly to Minneapolis Friday evening.
Saturday: Paul drives to Minneapolis to pick me up, then back home, with a stop in Mankato so I can chair the Minnesota Repeater Council meeting.
Sunday: I drive to Cedar Rapids.
Monday-Tuesday: At a customer in Cedar Rapids.
Wednesday: Drive home. Collapse.

This is subject to change, and has indeed changed already: the original plan would have had me on an airplane this evening instead of tomorrow. The guy who was planning this for me realized that today was Easter, and changed his schedule. That made my life easier, as I'd have had to drive home, unpack, repack, and drive right back to Minneapolis.

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