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Political philosophy quiz

I'm poking arround the net while waiting for laundry to dry so I can pack for Penguicon. In the meantime, via vakkotaur:

You scored as Pro Business Republican. Pro-business Republicans support supply-side economics. By cutting taxes, reducing regulations, and supporting large corporations, they want to spur innovation and create economic growth that benefits all Americans.


Pro Business Republican


Foreign Policy Hawk




New Democrat


Old School Democrat




Socially Conservative Republican


What's Your Political Philosophy?
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My ratings pretty much align with his, the main differences being that I'm closer to libertarian and less Green than he is. The difference in the overall rating is because he and I answered the same tiebreaker question different ways: he said the war in Iraq is more important for our national survival, while I said that the idea that the Kyoto Protocol will destroy economies is more important.

The picture is of the Congressman liberals love to hate, Tom DeLay. Had I stayed in League City another couple of years, he'd have been my Congressman. He was hounded out of office because, in the final analysis, he was that which liberals hate - an effective conservative leader.

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