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Please put me on your do-not-email list

vakkotaur and I get mailed solicitations from CONvergence, since we had attended the con once. I got an emailed solicitation from them just now.

Here's the reply I sent:

I had a thoroughly rotten time at the one CONvergence I went to. I had a disagreement with one panelist in which I used a bit of hyperbole and got taken the wrong way. After that, I felt like I was persona non grata for the rest of the con, and the disagreement spilled over onto LiveJournal in such a way that I now feel unwelcome in the Twin Cities SF community. This is unfortunate, since I live in Fairmont, and it would otherwise be worth it to me to make the trip.

Between that and the way the concom treated rillaspins's concerns over an attendee she has had problems with, I have less than zero interest in attending CONvergence. When the solicitations arrive in the mail (we get two copies, as there are two of us at this address, and we both went to the con that one year (2004)), they go straight into the shredder.

I may give the Twin Cities SF community another try in a decade or so. Until then, please remove me from your electronic mailing list. For that matter, if you can manage it, you can remove me and my roommate, vakkotaur, from the physical mailing list as well. I'll pass along my address on request if that will make the job easier.

I'll point the guy at these four LJ entries if he shows any interest in why I'm so unhappy. I doubt he will, however; why should he care?

Update: I got not one, but three, copies of that particular bit of spam. No, I didn't complain further. I doubt it'd make any difference at all.

Update 2: I got a reply that expressed regret that my experience with CONvergence was unpleasant, and that my (and Paul's) name would be removed from their mailing lists.

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