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Monday, 1 May 2006

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1401 - Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation

I reopened an old argument at Wikipedia: What's the correct, official title for the Animaniacs cartoon Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation? I used to have a link that pointed to the real episode list (not the AHEM, or other fan documents, derived from it). Some folks think the third Please is really Pleese, based on a subtitle in the cartoon itself; IIRC, that was just a joke, intentionally misspelled to give us fans something else to put in the net documents on the series.

Anyone got a pointer to an authoritative source? keeper1st, have you got anything, or do you think Peter Hastings or Tom Ruegger could be induced to comment?

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The thought of debating that particular cartoon still being debated all these years later brightens my day. ;)
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Well, of course we have to get iti right!

Even more than the cartoon itself does... :-) (You do know that it quotes extensively from a document built and maintained on the net, and gets one of the quotes wrong (probably intentionally), don't you?)

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