What part of "illegal" don't you understand? - Jay Maynard

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Monday, 1 May 2006

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1654 - What part of "illegal" don't you understand?

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They don't even try to enforce the border. If we were really trying we would be utilizing more border officers as well as predator drones and the like to detect intrusions.

Also, the Bureaucracy of the INS is insane. Once the borders are no longer porous, we really need to work on cutting down the time it takes to immigrate legally from 3-10 years down to 1-2. The INS is known for saying one thing then doing another. You call them to reschedule an appointment, they say it's fine, great, call us when you want to schedule a new one... Then they call you a few monts later and deny your application because you missed the appointment that you told them you needed to reschedule. They also frequently ignore where you say you want to do your interview. MagneticCheeks who is a regular in #schlock_mercenary recently went through that experience where she said she was going to do her interview in British Columbia, and instead they assigned her to go all the way back to Ontario for her interview. Just insanity.

As for amnesty... They violated the law. They should be treated like anyone else who violates a law and be required to pay their debt to society before they can be treated as any legal immigrant would be. They should be the ones forced through the nonsensical INS crud instead of those who came here and followed our laws, no matter how inefficient and hulking the laws may be.

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