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Thursday, 4 May 2006

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2116 - Good luggage?

I'm in the market for some high quality luggage. My 25-year-old Samsonite GTi hard-sided suitcase isn't working so well any more (mainly, the layout makes it difficult to pack well with what I usually carry). My carryon is a ShopKo cheapo that's already beginning to come apart (though I'll probably keep it anyway, just because).

It's time to spend some serious money on quality. I'm going to be in the Cities Saturday afternoon. Anyone got suggestions for where I should look? Yes, I'll even brave the Mall of America if that's the place to find good stuff.

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3 I found.

Pedro Luggage--St Paul. (Key's diner is across the street.) They also carry some wholesale luggage.

Luggage World-St Louis Park

Samsonite Company-Albertville (Just northwest of the Twin Cities.)

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