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Back-back-back-back-backorder slip

(Those of you who have spent any time at all in Houston will immediately understand the title. For the rest of you, be thankful you haven't had to deal with a guy at the end of a commercial hollering "SIX THOUSAND SIX I-45 AT THE TIDWELL-PARKER EXIT! GALLERY FURNITURE WILL SAVE YOU MONEEEYY!!!!!".)

vakkotaur and I went to the Cities to have a birthday lunch for him and sistaur. We also did a bit of shopping. Paul struck out in his attempts to get birch beer, but we did get a few other things.

I bought myself a new Aeron chair. I found a dealer (Room and Board, on France Avenue in Minneapolis), and spent an hour or so trying out different sizes and styles. I wound up deciding that the large size (what Herman Miller calls size C) and the PostureFit lumbar support were preferable over the medium size and the lumbar pad, and went ahead and plunked down the plastic.

Yes, they're expensive brand new. For something that I spend a sizable fraction of my life sitting in, though, it's worth it, especially since I get the full warranty by buying it new from an authorized dealer.

I don't have the chair. They'll ship it for free from the Cities next week. Right now, I just have to sit on the backorder slip.

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