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Tuesday, 23 May 2006

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1548 - heeheehee!!

I got the first of several copies of howardtayler's first Schlock Mercenary book, Under New Management, from the post office a few minutes ago. My reward for spending a couple of hours struggling with Adobe Illustrator to generate a cleaned-up version of the United Nations of Sol seal and giving it to Howard for his use was a signed, sketch edition of the book.

What I didn't know was just what Howard was going to put in it.

As it happens, the one I got was entirely appropriate: it shows Sergeant Schlock about to pounce General Xinchub - and when Schlock pounces someone like that, that someone usually winds up getting eaten.

I can't quit giggling.

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I'm glad you liked it. There's another batch coming, you know. With another sketch...
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Yes, I know. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival, just to see what vakkotaur is getting for his birthday.
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You're waiting? I'm waiting! And will have to wait longer due to my travels.

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