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Finally getting some work done

Well, things have finally settled down a bit at work. In a little while, I'm going to head out to Sioux Falls, so when I get back from Tallahassee late Friday night, I'll be right there and ready to go to Siouxland. In even better news, the following week, I'm going to Detroit, which means that I can leave FSD the Sunday of Siouxland later in the evening: my flight out doesn't depart till 6:30, so I can stay at the faire till 4:30 or so.

The Knoxville trip is still up in the air; it's currently scheduled for June 12 though July 7, with June 30-July 3 off to go to pharwarner and verypinkygirl's wedding. I fully expect that to change, though. The airline tickets I purchased have all been cancelled, and will be used for that trip when they finally pull their collective heads out and nail it down.

What I'm really hoping is that the Detroit trip will be my last training trip, and the Knoxville engagement will be fully billable. In the meantime, I've got to pack lots of stuff, since I'll be gone two weeks straight...

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