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It balances out...

I've been running around in headless chicken mode for the past week or so. I'm currently in Detroit, getting some real work done. I may be in NYC next week, though that's tentative at the moment.

I spent last weekend at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival. It was, as I expected, up to their usual high standard; vakkotaur has more than amply said what I would about it, both good (lots) and bad (not very much at all).

Since I needed to be in Detroit bright and early Monday morning, though, I went straight from the faire to the airport. I didn't change from the garb I was wearing (the outfit in the picture, with slightly different tights, that rillaspins hates) for the trip.

When I was making my connection in Minneapolis, one guy on the tram I rode on saw me and couldn't stop laughing. Once I got on the aircraft, the lady sitting next to me - who works at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival - complimented me on my garb and on wearing it for the trip.

I guess it balances out: some folks think it's funny, some folks think it's cool. I quit caring about what people think of seeing me in tights a couple of years ago.

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