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Wednesday, 7 June 2006

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1629 - It balances out...

I've been running around in headless chicken mode for the past week or so. I'm currently in Detroit, getting some real work done. I may be in NYC next week, though that's tentative at the moment.

I spent last weekend at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival. It was, as I expected, up to their usual high standard; vakkotaur has more than amply said what I would about it, both good (lots) and bad (not very much at all).

Since I needed to be in Detroit bright and early Monday morning, though, I went straight from the faire to the airport. I didn't change from the garb I was wearing (the outfit in the picture, with slightly different tights, that rillaspins hates) for the trip.

When I was making my connection in Minneapolis, one guy on the tram I rode on saw me and couldn't stop laughing. Once I got on the aircraft, the lady sitting next to me - who works at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival - complimented me on my garb and on wearing it for the trip.

I guess it balances out: some folks think it's funny, some folks think it's cool. I quit caring about what people think of seeing me in tights a couple of years ago.

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Where in Detroit?

Drop me a line..

Eight One Oh 599 Three Two Zero Six
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As it happens, just down the road from the Sheraton I first met you at. Unfortunately, my plans have changed, or else I'd see if you were up for something tomorrow evening. Instead, I'm flying home tomorrow. I'll have to drop you a note next time I'm coming to the area.

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