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Aerons are nifty...

...but I really wish buying them wasn't such a pain.

Mine arrived while I was in Tallahassee. sit4less.com piddled around to the point that they had to ship it FedEx Priority Overnight to make the agreed-on receipt date, but they at least did go the extra mile to do that, unlike Room & Board. (According to the FedEx site, that would cost me $275, though I suspect they've got a discount in place.) I finally got home after midnight last night, and this morning I unpacked it and assembled it (needed to mount the back to the chair frame; it had been removed for shipping).

The order was incomplete: neither the PostureFit assembly not the leather arm rests were included. I called them today, and they said they'd ship out the missing pieces. Dammit, if I'm paying a kilobuck for a chair, I expect better service than I've gotten so far, from two different vendors...

The chair is exactly what I needed. It's quite comfortable, though I definitely notice the missing lumbar support. Even so, it's worth it.

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