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About ^#$%&$%^&* time

As vakkotaur mentioned in his journal, the trip to Knoxville is finally going to happen. I'm busy packing things up for the trip. I'm taking the TRON costume for a couple of somethings this coming weekend. I'm also taking my garb to wear to pharwarner and verypinkygirl's wedding.

It looks like I'm not going to spend more than 18 hours at home between now and at least July 14. Between a couple of things this coming weekend, the wedding the next weekend, and a faire in Eau Claire the weekend after that, about the only time at home will be the evening of July 3 and morning of July 4. This is going to become the normal state of affairs for the foreseeable future, although I do plan to take more weekends at home than that. The upside is that I'll be making really good money doing work that I enjoy.

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