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Sunday, 15 December 2002

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2117 - How to ruin us

Forbes printed a column by Ben Stein, game show host, lawyer, economist, writer, and actor, and an all-around smart guy. If it sounds familiar, it should.

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There's a lot of good points raised in that piece. And I really have to agree with the first one. Of course, standardized testing has become the norm here in Texas, thanks to the Bush administration, and students who pass dumbed-down standardized tests are cleared to graduate with flying colors, though they haven't been prepared for the real world at all, just for passing basic skills tests in English, math, and science. And, if I recall correctly, an early point of Bush's presidental administration, and something he probably still continues to support, is national standardized testing of this sort, which would really mess up schools nationwide.

And Texas with its new Republican congress is fighting to undo the "Robin Hood" school-funding redistribution scheme, an undoing which would ensure that only a few who live in richer school districts can get the education they truly deserve, while the many in poorer districts would be confined to the ignorance and complacency taught in underfunded and run-down schools that would fall into useless decay without this badly-needed extra funding.

And that's just the first point. I could probably go on if I liked. But Ben Stein is obviously right.

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