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Sunday, 25 June 2006

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0642 - A couple of Tron Guy items

I stayed an extra day in Knoxville yesterday so I could go to the Adventure Con collector's show. While I was there, a group producing a documentary interviewed me on camera. I'm promised a copy when it's finished.

I spent a couple of hours there. As usual, lots of folks wanted pictures, and I was happy to oblige. I did see some nifty stuff. The best was a 1982 DeLorean made into a replica of the car in Back to the Future. I spent quite a while talking to the folks who did it. They spent 10 years turning an above average DeLorean into a real showpiece. The attention to detail really shows, too, including replacing the hood with one from a 1981, which has the emphasis lines down the sides as seen in the movie car. The inside is just as detailed as the outside, too. It's still street legal, and they do drive it to events. They estimate the car's current worth at $60,000 - and that's for a 24-year-old car that needs constant maintenance (like any 24-year-old car).

I flew back to Minneapolis last night. I'm in a very posh hotel, the Graves 601, courtesy of folks I'll be working with today. I will, $DEITY forgive me, be committing rap. I'll post more about that project as it moves forward.

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Sounds like a fun trip hon!

Very jealous of the posh hotel, you know how I feel about those (grin) and what on earth is committing rap? =)
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It's like committing murder, only the end result isn't a dead body but travesty to ears worldwide.

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as I said in another post I wish I had known you would be here,
the Delorean belongs to a buddy of mine, he interned at Dreamworks and actually got the parts made off the original moulds and blueprints while there,

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