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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

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1214 - One thing I've been sitting on too long...

...has finally come to fruition.

Rob Balder, cartoonist of Partially Clips, approached me a couple of months ago with an idea for a T-shirt. I liked it, and it's happened.

He'll be selling them at Comic-Con in San Diego, and is taking preorders now. (There's also a nifty comic book that's the first thing you'll see. Click on the "See sixfour brand new original T-shirts!" box to see the shirts. Mine should be obvious.)

Get 'em while they're hot!

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That's great. Now if I could scrape together some cash that I haven't already spent.

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And don't forget to schedule an appointment to donate blood at the 30th Annual Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive there!

(Sorry... I work at the SD blood bank. Old habits die hard. LOL)

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I would...but I'm not going to be at Comic Con myself, darn it, and they don't want my blood anyway.

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