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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

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0921 - Five things meme

Via jmthane:

5 things in my freezer:
1. Frozen steak
2. Frozen chicken
3. Frozen Wisconsin soup (beer cheese)
4. Frozen breakfast sandwiches
5. Frozen Hot Pockets (well, they're not hot *yet*...)

5 things in my closet:
1. Shirts
2. Renaissance garb
3. Costumes
4. SHARE backpacks and briefcases
5. Bag full of dry-cleaning bags

5 things in my car:
1. Maps
2. window cling
3. Yaesu FT-857 ham radio
4. XM satellite radio receiver
5. No trash (it's a Lexus...that just wouldn't be right)

5 things in my briefcase:
1. MacBook Pro laptop
2. Asthma inhaler
3. Cough drops
4. Business card case and cards
5. Travel documents

5 people to tag:
I don't do that. Do this one if you feel like it.

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Date: - 0000
1. key limes
2. lemons
3. ice
4. popsicles
5. bread

1. dresser full of leftover fabrics
2. fancy clothes I barely wear
3. boxes of xmas fabric
4. shoes and boots
5. ...

1. Sirius radio
2. cds full of mp3s
3. dragon sun shields
4. sweater for movies
5. do speakers and amps count?

no briefcase, actually, I do have one but the cat uses it to sleep on and periodically do his nails on it.
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Date: - 0000
Random empty boxes

All the wife's clothes

1. Assorted change and receipts
2. Sirius receiver
3. Garmin Ique 3600 charger/base
4. CD case
5. Tire pressure measurement device

BTW, Seen this dvd yet?, and has anyone ever told you that your theme is unreadable? ;)
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Date: - 0000
I've known it was coming, but I'm not going to buy it for myself unless it doesn't turn up as a birthday present for me.

Which theme? My LJ theme? I use it all the time.
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Date: - 0000
I'll probably buy it for myself. Nobody like me enough to buy me a $30 dvd. ;)

Yeah, the dark blue on black. I think it's probably my monitor here at work that causes it to be unreadable though. It's ancient and really dark. I have to highlight it so it's white on light blue to read it.
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Date: - 0000
When I got home and read this on my computer, it's perfectly readable. Darn cheap non-LCD work monitors. I even noticed a spelling error in my post I didn't catch the first time.

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