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Five things meme

Via jmthane:

5 things in my freezer:
1. Frozen steak
2. Frozen chicken
3. Frozen Wisconsin soup (beer cheese)
4. Frozen breakfast sandwiches
5. Frozen Hot Pockets (well, they're not hot *yet*...)

5 things in my closet:
1. Shirts
2. Renaissance garb
3. Costumes
4. SHARE backpacks and briefcases
5. Bag full of dry-cleaning bags

5 things in my car:
1. Maps
2. Slashdot.org window cling
3. Yaesu FT-857 ham radio
4. XM satellite radio receiver
5. No trash (it's a Lexus...that just wouldn't be right)

5 things in my briefcase:
1. MacBook Pro laptop
2. Asthma inhaler
3. Cough drops
4. Business card case and cards
5. Travel documents

5 people to tag:
I don't do that. Do this one if you feel like it.

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