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Ping Chicagoans

(Chicagoites? Chicagolanders? What's the proper term, anyway?)

I'm going to be in the Windy City the first part of next week. I fly into ORD Sunday afternoon, and out Wednesday evening. I'm staying near UIC (a few blocks from the Racine Street Blue Line stop, on South Ashland just south of I-290), and my client is on North Oakley just north of West Lake Street.

The big question: Should I get a car, or, like Manhattan, will it be more trouble than it's worth? If I don't get a car, how do I get there from here? I know the Blue Line goes to ORD, so getting to the hotel is no big deal, but how about getting around the area? Is it as possible to deal with as a pedestrian as Manhattan? How about transit: does it even go where I need to, how much of a hassle is it, etc?

Getting a car is no problem, but I'd like to make that decision today so I can get the reservation in if I'm going to do that.

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