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Dead microwave blues

While nuking last night's dinner, vakkotaur's 10-year-old Sharp microwave gave up the ghost. Fortunately, it waited till there were just 10 seconds left to run, so that wasn't a problem.

Even so, being modern American guys, we're really dependent on the thing. My 25-year-old Kenmore was getting tired even before I moved to Fairmont and put it in the basement; it'll keep us going, but only just long enough to go buy a new one.

The good news is that microwave ovens are getting cheap and plentiful. I went to the same appliance store we bought the rest of our appliances from, and they've got a good selection, with nothing over $200. The local ShopKo has a good selection, too, and they're all under $100 (though the ovens are smaller).

I did get one surprise, though. The guy at the appliance store was surprised to hear that the Sharp would do what he called "sequential cooking": you can tell it to cook for 4 minutes at 50% power and then 6 minutes at full power, for example, and it'll do it uninterrupted. It appears that that's not something microwave ovens do any more. Another misfeature we had in one Whirlpool microwave oven at a hotel we stayed in was that the beeper didn't shut off even if the door was opened; the salesman assured me that wasn't a problem any more.

We've got a bit of a space problem, but fortunately, it's not bad enough to keep even the biggest 2 cubic foot oven from fitting. The current one is 1.2 cubic feet, and we really haven't had problems with things not fitting, so I expect we won't try to get much bigger. I do want 1100 watt output power, but that seems to be pretty standard on all but the smallest these days. Beyond that, I really don't have much of an opinion. Anyone else have any?

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