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Wednesday, 23 August 2006

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1608 - Color me amazed

I just spoke to Henry Roehler, the guy running against Commissioner Pierce. I offered what little help I could give, and a campaign contribution.

He turned me down. He's doing the entire campaign out of his own pocket.

How often do you hear that from a candidate?

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Well there was this guy named Ross Perot...

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It'd be interesting to see if Minnesota has a law that exempts self-financed campaigns from certain reporting or other limitations. I'm not sure how many 100% self-financed campaigns there are, though there are a lot of Democrats right now that used a lot of their own money to get their seats, e.g. Cantwell, Dayton, Kohl.

Of course, no contributors means fewer strings attached to the paw when it's raised to take the oath.
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You're assuming they've not found other ways for the would-be pol to get the money and the strings and not have to report it.

Oh, pardon me - was my cynicism showing?


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