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Being an atheist in America isn't easy

I just got through reading a Newsweek article about three modern scholars who argue that the recurring religious warfare we've had for ages is rooted in religion itself.

I find it hard to argue with one contention that comparing the current wave of Islamist terrorism with the sectarian violence in northern Ireland over the past century or so merely shows that the problem may well be with religion itself.

OTOH, I cannot agree with the idea that we should do away with religion. I don't get mad when someone wishes me a merry Christmas; I take it in the spirit in which it was offered. The same goes for Christians telling me that they're praying for my soul. I appreciate the concern, even if I do not share it. A copy of The Book of Mormon occupies an honored place on my bookshelf, because it was a gift offered in friendship and good faith. If I demand the right to believe, or not, as I choose, then I must grant others that same right.

In the end, I'm not going to try to convert others, just as I believe they should not try to convert me. (There's a difference between that and simply offering information and answering questions, the difference between "I believe" and "You should believe".)

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