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Friday, 29 September 2006

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1224 - Another last-minute change in plans

Well, so much for spending all day Sunday at the Sioux City Riverssance plans got changed. I'm now making a quick visit to Little Rock on my way to Knoxville, so I need to leave no later than 1:30 PM Sunday (and likely earlier than that). I was looking forward to more, but that's the nature of the business I'm in.

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Return of Renaissance Dancewear!

Jay I recived a postcard in the mail last week saying the Renaissance Dancewear was reopening soon! I can finally get my Swiss Guard parti-coloured socks fixed :)
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Re: Return of Renaissance Dancewear!

I've been following that with anticipation. Stacey Leigh was, or maybe still is, in California teaching the new owner everything she knows. She's also got a couple of unitards of mine that need alteration, and will take care of those while she's there. Once the new guy gets settled, I'm going to place an order just to see how well he does.

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