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That wasn't necessary...

I've hosted kinkyturtle's web site for several years now. I've been happy to do it, as it was something I could easily do along with other things I do on the net, and I was happy to help a friend.

Apparently, KT no longer thinks of me as a friend.

He asked me a few days ago if I'd quit badmouthing his other friends on LJ. He pointed to one post in particular that he (and a few others) felt was badmouthing another of his friends. I disagreed (and still do), and believe that it was a legitimate criticism. The discussion ended with me saying I'd simply stay out of his LJ and signing off of IRC.

A few days later (pretty much the next time I got on IRC in the evening), he wound up asking why I liked him despite his politics, which are considerably to the left of my own. I answered that, unlike a couple of other folks, he (and I) can separate the politics from the person.

KT, just this evening, moved his web site off of my system. I did not request that he do so, and would not; if I wanted his site off of my system, I would not have been shy about asking. If he wants to move, that's up to him, of course; if he wants to say, I will continue to welcome him.

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