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Thus ends an era...

I just removed kinkyturtle's user ID and directory from my server. He'd put up a text message saying the site had been moved; I decided that the best way to get people to change their links pointing to the site, and thus get that traffic off of my DSL, was to make it all 404 as quickly as possible.

I'd hosted KT's web page pretty much ever since he started to set one up. I'm quite saddened over the way he left, and in particular that he felt it necessary to move it without the courtesy of telling me that he was going to do it, first. I'd made several decisions when setting up that server, and my Internet connection, with the necessity of providing reliable web service foremost in my mind; that's the reason that the server is a dual-processor machine with lots of RAM and as highly reliable a disk storage subsystem as I could achieve at the time, and it was part of the reason I spent a substantial amount of money on a tape backup system. True, his page was not the only one on the server, but it was good for about 10 GB or so of bandwidth a month.

All things must end, I guess; I just wish this had ended in a different manner.

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