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Long drive coming up

My parents live in a motorhome and travel a good chunk of the year. This summer, they've been working in Yellowstone National Park. It's a good deal for everyone concerned: they make some money, the park gets some inexpensive help, and they get to stay in the park for free.

Unfortunately, there's a problem: Dad recently had surgery on his left wrist, after they couldn't clean out a staph infection any other way. He's recovering fine, but won't be able to drive the motorhome back to Houston when they have to leave the park in a couple of Saturdays, so I get to fly up there and do the drive.

We're planning for 5 days to cover the 1700 miles. I fly into Bozeman, Montana late on Saturday evening, October 14, and out of Houston Intercontinental Friday morning. It'll be a nice leisurely trip.

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