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Tool, or jewelry?

Last weekend at the Sioux City Riverssance, I wound up spending a fair amount of money I hadn't planned to. I stopped to look at a booth with hand-crafted pens. By the time I was done, I'd purchased a pen and pencil for my briefcase, a pen for everyday use on my desk at home, and this bit of indulgence...

The pen barrel is jasper, a semiprecious stone; the metal fittings are rhodium with 24K gold-plated inlays; and the nib is iridium with a gold insert. It'll take cartridges or can be filled from an inkwell with an adapter.

What the pictures don't show is how nice it feels in the hand. It's solid, and quite well balanced. It's a very nice work of art, and I'm almost afraid to put ink in it - for I know it won't get used as much as it deserves.

The creator is an associate professor of English and German at Northwestern College in Iowa. He does these on the side, and very well, I think. Check out his web page, Woods of the World Pens.

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