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Saturday, 18 November 2006

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1655 - A truly annoying computer problem

I'm trying to set up a new Linux box as a NetWorker backup server. It's supposed to talk to a Dell PowerVault 128T tape library. The library is currently set up and working well with a Sun Ultra 5 workstation; the problem is that the Ultra 5 isn't fast enough to effectively use the new Gigabit Ethernet in the house.

There's only one problem: I've tried three different SCSI cards in the Linux box, including the one that was in the Ultra 5, and none of them appear to want to talk to the tape library. I've tried different cables, too, with no change.

About the only conclusion I can reach is that there's something wrong with the computer itself, but I can't for the life of me figure out what. This is really beginning to annoy me, and I don't know what to do to get it running.

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Is that the Sempron I sent ya?

What SCSI adapters have you tried in it?

Also, you might look on Gigabyte's site and see if there's a BIOS update for that board. I've had it since around 2004, and I'm not sure I've ever done a BIOS update to that particular board.
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Yes, it is. I checked; no BIOS updates.

I've tried an Adaptec AHA-2940U2B, a Qlogic ISP1020, and a Symbios 53C875 (that worked fine in the Sun).

BTW, I'm also unable to use two DIMMs; if I stuff one in the second slot, it either beeps at me and refuses to start or else doesn't see the DIMM at all. Minor nuisance.
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Interesting.. I pulled two 265M DDR-333 DIMMs out of that machine before I shipped it..

The Adaptec should "Just Work".. I've never had any luck with qlogic, but the Symbios card should've worked, too.

That board had a 2920 on it at one point which worked fine.

I'm perplexed, as well.

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