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"The Lexus of"...

I've noticed that, over the past few years, the usage "the Cadillac of" a class of things has largely been replaced with "the Lexus of" it. As a Lexus owner, I can certainly agree with the sentiment. What's interesting to me about this is that it's happened over the space of a few years, and not all that long after Lexus was first created. (The first Lexus was a 1990 model.)

It's also interesting to me that, while other top-of-the-line car lines have been around, none of them have been used the same way, with one exception: occasionally, someone will use "the Rolls-Royce of" a class to denote the absolute finest without regard to cost, sort of an emphatic version of the other uses.

I'm not sure why Lexus displaced Cadillac so quickly and, at least as far as I can tell, so thoroughly, where other car brands did not. I guess it's just one of those unexplained language weirdnesses.

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